Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moss Rock Preserve - Hoover, Alabama - July 15, 2011

Owned by the city of Hoover, Alabama, Moss Rock Preserve represents a determined and successful effort to preserve natural scenery and habitat in a major metropolitan area. The city and private supporters have established a system of over five miles of walking and hiking trails. These trails wind through the preserve taking visitors to waterfalls, boulders, rock formations, a small stream, and much more. This preserve has been dedicated as a nature preserve to ensure its long-term survivability.
 Most of the path we took followed Hurricane Branch, the small stream that winds through the preserve.
 Bridges make it easier to cross Hurricane Branch and add to the beauty of the preserve.
 The preserve is teaming with unique insect and plant life.

The boulder field was the boys' favorite part of Moss Rock Preserve. Rock climbers love this feature because the various technical formations appeal to climbers of all skill levels.

I wonder why they named the place "Moss Rock"

Some of these rock formations were a tight squeeze.
 The great thing about this place is that even though it is in the middle of a major city you can still feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

This is the view just outside the entrance to the boulder field.

It was a very hot day with about 1000% humidity so when we decided it was time to leave we were all extremely dirty, sticky, and worn out. Since this place is so close we will probably come here whenever we need a good place for a picnic. The boys think we should skip the hike and go straight to the boulder field next time.
If you would like to visit Moss Rock Preserve here is a link to directions and trail maps.

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