Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toomer's Corner - Auburn, Alabama - July 26, 2011

After visiting Horseshoe Bend we drove 45 minutes south to Auburn, Alabama. We wanted the boys to be able see the Toomer's oaks just in case they don't survive. According to the Auburn University Website we won't know if the trees are going to make it until next Spring. The trees looked pretty bad today because they are in they defoliating stage. According to the Trees Task Force leader they will continue to defoliate and re-foliate because of the type of poison that was used on them.

This famous intersection, now known as Toomer's Corner was named for businessman and State Senator Sheldon Toomer who founded the Bank of Auburn here in 1907. He served 45 years as bank president and 25 years on the Auburn city council. Toomers Corner is adjacent to Auburn University's historic Main Gate and a tradition to generations of Auburn University students who gather to celebrate the "Auburn Spirit." -Information obtained from historic marker

Another iconic symbol at Auburn University is Samford Hall. 
 In 1859 the building that sat on this site was called Old Main and served as the main building for East Alabama Male College. In 1862 classes were suspended because the building was being used as a hospital during the Civil War. Classes resumed in 1866. On June 24, 1887 Old Main burned. It was rebuilt in 1888 and named for Governor William J. Samford in 1929.
This picture, borrowed from the Auburn University Website, shows the original "Old Main" which was built in the Italianate style at a cost of $111,000.
 Samford Hall makes a great backdrop for pictures.
#2 enjoyed visiting the campus but #1, being a fan of that other team, did not enjoy being at Auburn. We had to bribe him with a milkshake so we could take some good pictures of the boys.

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  1. Yea, #1 for trying to maintain your loyalty! My boy!!!!