Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to the Cahaba - June 7, 2011


The boys loved the Cahaba River so much and Pops and Yaya wanted to see the lilies so we decided to make a return trip this morning. Pops and Yaya met us at our house and we were at the river by 9 a.m. There were hardly any people there so we basically had the river to ourselves....fantastic!

The lilies are so unique that Stephen decided to brave the waters and trek out to the middle of the river to get some up close and personal shots of these beauties. He's been getting some photography tips from his good friend Heather so he had to try out his mad skilz!

Pops played with the boys out in the river, but Yaya opted to sit on the bank with Christy.
The boys talked Pops into hunting for crayfish with them.

And....of course Pops found one for them. Every boy should have a Pops like this one!

A couple more pictures of the lilies.

He looks like a sneaky little crocodile in this picture.
Armed with his trusty stick, he's ready to take on anything that gets in his way.

Yes, we did pose them a few times for some of those cheesy tourist shots!

After a full morning of swimming, searching for crayfish, and skipping rocks we headed back to the river bank to change and drive to our favorite restaurant....The Kearley Kitchen.
On today's menu - Ice cold lemonade, pineapple and watermelon salad, homemade chicken salad wraps and gooey chess squares.
The perfect way to end a hot summer day in Alabama!

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