Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paper Creations and Swimming at the YMCA - June 8, 2011

Christy has been working hard on her homework all day today so the boys decided that it was craft time. If you know anything about our boys you know that they are creators! At any given time they will have paper airplanes, swords, rockets (complete with rocket launchers), and origami creatures tucked away in the most interesting places. We have found paper creations in the couch cushions, in the car seat pockets, in the dryer, in just about every drawer upstairs, and even in the bathtub (those boats do need to be tested, you know). Often we will find at least 20 creations in the floor of #2's bedroom when we go up to wake him in the morning. Apparently he stays up late on some nights working on his masterpieces. Although it does get a little irritating finding random paper artifacts all over the house we are glad they have this spark of creativity.

He got a little too excited launching his rocket. Any guesses as to how he got it down?

"Hey Mom, can we make a craft?"
We think it may be a requirement that an entire roll of tape has to be used with each creation.

Who knew the Wednesday paper could bring such joy to two boys?

We didn't have time for a day trip today so we paid a visit to the YMCA in Pelham. The boys swam in the pool while we did some cardio. We didn't realize the boys had to pass a swim test (which a parent has to be present to request) so they could swim past the rope without a life jacket. They were so mad when we went to pick them up from the pool. Oops!!

 Before returning home we made our weekly Publix run. Notice the expressions on their faces?
They do not enjoy the art of couponing!

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