Friday, June 10, 2011

Peach Park - Clanton, Alabama - June 10, 2011

 Today we headed south to Clanton, Alabama. No visit to Clanton is complete without driving past the giant peach water tower. The boys were rather impressed by that peach. These two boys have been on an 8,000 mile journey around the United States and visited Ireland, Scotland, and England but have never seen the giant peach! This is exactly why we wanted to introduce them to their home state.

By creating this blog we have created two little monsters. They got out of bed this morning searching for their cameras and extra batteries. It was so fun watching them take pictures of EVERYTHING often trying to carefully bring their subject into perfect focus.

 We pulled into the freshly paved parking lot at Peach Park and there were no stripes marking the parking spots. Well, you would have thought everyone in that parking lot was there to learn how to park a car. It was rather comical how those folks were parked in so many different directions!

If you're looking for peach pies, peach spreads, peach preserves, peach ice cream, or just plain fresh peaches this is the place! The moment we walked in the door the smells of fresh peaches and baked peach pies greeted us warmly. 
You can make anything with a Chilton County Peach!
Peach pies fresh out of the oven
Fresh Chilton County Peaches
The blueberries were beautiful

...and when they brought out the fresh strawberries our mouths were watering!

 We would have loved to have picked up some of this succulent produce but we were doing several other things today and knew it would not survive the sweltering car. We did, however, take some time to try the ice cream!

Peach Ice Cream
Reese's Cup Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

After our ice cream break the boys visited the playground and the big climbing rocks.

We were playing with the camera settings today. Notice the picture of #2 laying under the tire swing? It's just a bit washed out. That "beach" setting probably shouldn't be used anywhere but the beach!

There's nothing like a good tire swing to make two boys very happy.

 Before we left Peach Park we had to go check out their giant peach....

 ...and laugh at the way they keep the water level regulated in their goldfish pond!

We might have to pay another visit to Peach Park for some of that beautiful produce before this summer is over.

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