Monday, June 13, 2011

The Famous Pops and Yaya - Alpine, Alabama - June 12, 2011

After worship this morning we headed north east to the sleepy little town of Alpine, Alabama - home of the Kymulga Grist Mill, the old rock school (Winterboro High School), and the Famous Pops and Yaya. This is one of the boys' favorite places in Alabama. They got out of the car running straight into the outstretched arms of Yaya, and then to the dinner table where Pops had served up one of his mighty feasts.
 There are no Wiis, Playstations, or DS games in this house, but there is ice cream, lots of ice cream - served up with an olive spoon......

...a front porch stretching the length of the house...
...and a treehouse that, in the boys opinion, needs a good paint job.
When the boys decide it's time to cool off and painted fingers are all clean they go inside and sunggle on the couch with Yaya.
Before we left Alpine for Sunday night worship in Talladega we stopped by Winterboro High School for a couple of pictures. This rock school was built in 1919 and is now listed on Alabama's Register of Historic Places. We think it is one of the most beautiful school buildings in the state.

The boys will be staying with Pops and Yaya all week so there will be no blog posts until the weekend.

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