Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day Trip #1 - The Cahaba River - May 31, 2011

Don't let those bright eyes and freckles fool you. These two boys are serious about their traveling, so they are in for a real treat this summer. They will be exploring the strange, unique, and spectacular sites that make our state so intriguing. 

Alabama will never be the same!

Our first day trip was about an hour's drive out in the middle of nowhere to Piper, Alabama. A friend posted pictures of her Memorial Day excursion to the Cahaba River to see the rare Cahaba Lilies in bloom and that gave us the perfect idea for an exciting summer.

According to http://www.cahabariver.net/lily.htm the lilies only bloom from around Mother's Day to Father's Day, and the delicate flowers only last for one day.

On the way to the river we had a slight delay.....
...so we had to use the back door. After all - back door friends are best, right?

We found the dusty gravel road leading down to the Cahaba and the most beautiful scenes of the summer!!

These two guys were ready to get in that water!

They didn't stay dry long.
Rocks and sticks are a boy's favorite toys at the river.
These two wild guys found a plethora of "toys" at the Cahaba.

Trying to mimic a salmon??

We really wish they weren't so serious all the time!

 It was such a great day that the boys almost cried when we told them it was time to go home. We promised them that we would bring them back very soon.

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