Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liberty Day - Columbiana, Alabama - June 25, 2011

Today, the boys made an appearance at Liberty Day in Columbiana, Alabama. Liberty Day began as a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. A group of patriotic Columbiana citizens organized the first Liberty Day on Main Street in the summer of 1986 featuring patriotic music, local dance groups, and fireworks. Liberty Day has been held ever since on the last Saturday in June.
 Main Street was blocked from traffic so vendors could line up and sell their treasures.

Columbiana's beautiful courthouse, lamp posts, and crepe myrtles provide the perfect backdrop for the Liberty Day festivities.

Kona Ice is, of course, the best way to beat the heat!

Red and Purple for #1.....


...and blue, always, for #2!

Redneck Eggroll, anyone?
Filled with pulled pork and a side of barbeque sauce for dipping......yum!
 Before leaving, the boys wanted balloon animals. This guy was very talented, and he was a popular stopping place for all the little ones.
 #1 got a turtle.
#2 got an Auburn helmet....we think.

Even though it was hot and humid, Liberty Day was a huge hit with these two boys!! We wanted some funnel cake, but, at close to 100 degrees we decided to head for home and make our own. Look for that recipe on a future "Two Teachers in the Kitchen" post!


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