Saturday, June 25, 2011

Harpersville Drive-In Harpersville, Alabama - June 25, 2011

After visiting the Liberty Day vendors the boys decided they would rather see a movie than watch the fireworks, so we drove north-east to the small community of Harpersville, Alabama. The Harpersville Drive-In is located on Highway 280 in the area of the old Evans' Flea Market.

We arrived at 7:00 pm and waited in line behind about 20 other cars. They opened the gate around 7:15 to let everyone in. 

 The Drive-In has a great set-up with spaces for 150 cars in front of both screens for a total of 300 vehicles.
We got a great spot on the second row in the middle of the 60'X26' corrugated tin screen.
 We did have to wait about an hour for the movie to start, but we had fun people watching, listening to our iPods, talking, taking pictures, and eating our snacks.
Everyone pulled out their cameras when this peace wagon pulled in!
 It's getting darker...almost time for the movie!
Snacks...check....battery-operated radio...check...
...Cars 2...what a great ending to a great day! 
Watching a movie under the stars is almost magical! 
We might have to make a few return visits before summer comes to an end.

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